The Perfect Six

This blog is dedicated to the skaters, known and unknown, who spent countless hours on the ice honing their craft in the hunt for that elusive six-point-zero.

For some, this was a realistic goal and they were rewarded with skating’s highest mark in figure skating prior to 2004. For others, this was something they strived for that never came to fruition. And, for the rest, it was a dream that was a long way off and only happened in the depths of their imaginations.

This blog is a nostalgic look back on the days gone by. Days of figures, of precision teams, of some of the best and most revolutionary skaters during the time of the 6.0.

I hope the content of this blog brings a smile to your face whether you were a competitor, a skating parent or a fan – or just stumbled on this blog by accident.

Keep your toes pointed and your skates sharpened!