Pure Passion – The Answer to Journalism

For a journalism blogging assignment, my instructor Duncan McMonagle asked us to define journalism. What is it? How can it be defined?
He asked another question, too: why are you taking the journalism major. My answer was to pursue my passion as investigative journalist.
I define journalism as passion to tell the story – plan and simple. Sure, it’s also proper grammar, correct spelling and everything else one might expect to see in a well-structured story. But if there isn’t an ounce of passion in the article, you’re probably reading a news brief.   
A journalist needs to feel those butterflies in their stomach when chasing down a story. When they’re in a media scrum, they feel the rush of excitement. They know they’re not just filing a story, they’re telling a story about mother’s battle with MS or a child living with muscular dystrophy. Those are the people the story is about. It’s not about you, it’s about them.
It doesn’t matter if you are an investigative reporter, anchor or embedded with the Canadian Armed Forces. It’s your duty to report on the facts and tell the story about happened, when and where, and most importantly, to who.
Do it right, do it well, and do it with passion.

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