Bourne and Brisebois – Out…but not?

Last night’s episode of CBC’s Battle of the Blades wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I joined the broadcast late, and to my absolute horror, Shae-Lynn Bourne and Patrice Brisebois were in the bottom two with including Kyoko Ina and Kelly Chase.

Now I’m not saying that Ina and Chase’s performance wasn’t worthy of a save. However, to have Bourne and Brisebois as the sacrifice…it just seemed wrong. Very wrong.

Next Sunday is the second chance round where four of the pairs will have, yes that’s right, a second chance to come back and skate to see if they can come back to compete for the title of champion.

I’m hoping Bourne and Brisebois win that at least.


2 thoughts on “Bourne and Brisebois – Out…but not?

  1. I'm just glad the hockey players are gaining an appreciation for figure skating. Back in Arborg,the hockey player used to cursed the figure skaters because we left holes in the ice. Now they know why!


  2. What a coincidence! I was just watching Jeremy Roenick's reaction to this surprise announcement on Yahoo! Sports. I'm glad the show is doing well and viewers are making it so popular.


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