2011 ISU World Figure Skating Championships – Best dressed worlds ever

2011 World Figure Skating Championships - Day 6Last week was the long awaited 2011 ISU World Championships in Moscow, Russia. Since I was on an internship with the Winnipeg Free Press, I missed the majority of the early morning coverage on CBC Bold.

Last Friday night was all about the skating, and the dresses. Just as the Oscars have a best dressed list, I felt the ISU should award medals for best dressed. It would be a hard competition to judge. Outfit after outfit dazzled – the choice of material, the sequence, the rhinestones were breathtaking.

United States ice dancer Meryl Davis looked like a champion in her deep purple halter dress from her short dance with partner Charlie White. The bodice of her side-rippled dress was covered in multi-coloured rhinestones in the shape of a heart, and topped off with a jewelled necklace. Davis capped it off with a rhinestone hairpiece.

It was a difficult worlds for US silver medallist Raecee5-71631288-rachael-flattchael Flatt who placed 12th. She shined in her bright yellow dress. It was reminiscent of Elizabeth Manley in 1987 when she wore the exact same sunshine spandex in Cincinnati. Flatt’s dress was sprinkled with silver and gold rhinestones and had a deep neckline, which gave it a grown-up appeal. It was a brilliant dress, in colour and design.

Russia’s Ksenia Makarova’s dress in the short program set her apart from the rest of the field: a chocolate brown lace with oodles of teeny, tiny multi-coloured rhinestones. Makarova’s dress was classy and elegant. Lace can be easily overdone, and leave a skating looking like a dancing doily. 

Another dress able to pull off excessive lace was the gorgeous pink-champagne dress worn by ladies champion Miki Ando for her short program. The trim was an pink-white thick lace that contrasted well against the lightness of her dress, which appeared to float around her. The front of Ando’s dress was heart shaped, and glittered with sparkles. It was backless, and beautiful, and she looked elegant and regal-like as she skated effortlessly.

a544a-mikiandoFinnish ladies champion Kiira Korpi’s dress for her long program to Evita was so sparkly, it didn’t matter how she turned – it would glitter. The dress was a deep purple halter with see-though purple nylon shoulders and a ruched fit. What made the dress more interesting were the abstract bubble gum pink inserts in the front and back. This dress was so unique, and looked fantastic on Korpi.

In 19th place overall, Belgium champion Ira Vannut’s trip to the Worlds was well worth it to showcase her hot-house tomato red beaded dress in the long program, complete with matching gloves. The skirting on Vannut’s dress almost looked embossed with beads. Another reason this was a stand-out: it was one of the few dresses with arms. Actual arms, not see through arms, which is something very rarely seen in skating today.

It was hard to whittle the list down, because there were so many outstanding dresses, such as American ice dancer Maia Shibutani’s dress and Canadian pair skater Meagan Duhamel’s long program dress – both were teal, and very different from each other.

For once this year, there was very little Carmen red, and few all black costumes, with the exception, oddly enough, of Yuna Kim, who chose dark colours for both of her programs. We’ve taken spandex and sparkles a long way!



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