Kraft Celebration Tour – Arborg Needs Your Vote

7efdb-img_2123What happens when the track at your school resembles a cattle trail, the soccer pitch is over run by ruts and the long-jump pit is, well, the pits? This is exactly the situation Arborg is in right now.

The soccer pitch and track at Arborg Collegiate, my old high school, are in rough shape. With the help of the Kraft Celebration Tour and TSN my hometown could get a much needed boost. A community award of $25,000 would help out – the live broadcast is the cherry on the sports sundae!

When I attended Arborg Elementary School, it was mandatory to participate in track and field day – and back then, I loathed it. I had no upper body strength, endurance or speed. I barely made a dent in the sand in long-jump and almost died when I ran the 800 metre.

All I’d go home with was a host of participation badges and a sunburn.

What stands out in my mind though is the elementary school track. It was flattened grass in a circle. Imagine my joy when I entered Arborg Collegiate, it had a real track. With gravel! And the school had hurdles. However, times have changed.

According to the Kraft Celebration Tour website the Arborg submission stated, “There was a track meet in early June [2011] and the kids had to run through water and mud to complete their races.”

It’s disappointing when kids train, then come race day they can’t compete up to par because of inferior track conditions.

When I was still in high school, our divisional track day was at a school with a grass track. It rained in the morning, but the decision was made to go ahead with the meet.

We may as well have ran on a Wet Banana.

The submission from Arborg stated “disc’s, shot’s, hurdles, and high jump mats, etc., should all be replaced as most are 15-20 years of age.”

When I was in school those high jump mats were held together with duct tape. Imagine what runs through your mind while sailing over the high jump and that’s your landing surface. Discus and shot put at the time were thrown from a rusty shot circle. I preferred shot over the discus – the ball wasn’t sharp!

Join me on July 21, at noon ET to July 22 until 11:59:59 to vote for Arborg on Kraft Celebration Tour.

There’s no limit to how many times you can vote, and you have one full day, minus one second.

And just as in track, every second counts!


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