Still Chasing the Podium

So, it looked promising. When I moved to Edmonton back in October, one of the first things I did was look for a figure skating club. I found a few, And then narrowed my search to one club. Then, one problem: time. Skating once a week may not sound like a lot, however, it seemed there was always something: late shoot, out of town or just tired. So very tired.

So, I delayed it and delayed it. Until, finally I thought, I’d better join before the season’s over.

My husband took my skates to get sharpening, and watched as I carefully slipped new guards on the gleaming knives. Then, disaster. I developed a bump on the sole of my left foot. It would seem walking in my winter boots in the newly fallen snow had created a some painful callous.

Another delay in joining the club. The lump healed in time, but by then there were only two weeks left in the skating season.

This marks three years since I’ve skated as a member of Skate Canada’s AdultSkate.

I’ll always consider myself a figure skater. I still made it on to the ice this year, landing a jump on the first try that as a teen took me over a year to get. And I still have my spins, and I freak my husband out with my off ice-training doing Ina Bauers and shoot the ducks.

So, my skating season was an off-ice season. Creating choreography, the hand movements, the positioning.
I think it honestly will make me a better skater next season.


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