A Warm and Fuzzy Re-post

Blogging began as a weekly assignment in college – an entertaining way to interact with fellow students and gain marks. By the end of my diploma program, blogging spiraled into four online journals in various capacities. My first ever blog was “Nostalgia of the 80s and 90s,” a title my father-in-law never agreed with because, “the 1950s are nostalgic, not the 1980s.” Oh, Jack.

Two of the four blogs have been retired. While I still write in my 6.0 blog…which isn’t as often as I’d like, I haven’t written in my Nostalgia blog since 2010. I refuse to delete it though, since I have memories and time vested in it – which brings me to a repost from January 2010.

The post is about the skating rinks my Dad used create for my older sister, Jennifer, and I. Even though my competition days dwindled in my late teens, my Dad continued to make skating rinks at home so I could at least maintain my skills. The later rinks were also for my non-figure skating, healthy-kneed, never-bashed-her-knee-doing-an-Axel little sister, Sharlynn.

The song Danger Zone always reminds me of the skating rink with the speed skating oval, which you’ll read about in the post. Whenever we’d skate on that rink, we’d play the Top Gun soundtrack, and fly around that ice. OK, in my mind I was flying, I’m pretty sure I was just going at a turtle’s pace, but still.

It felt like I was flying.

January 19, 2010

Winter Memories

It’s was a beautiful morning where I live – Winnipeg, Manitoba. This morning the trees were covered in hoarfrost. And it really made me pine for home and mornings when I would skate on the rink my dad made for me. I would skate almost every day on the little rink, so one might think that by age 15 I would have been quite the accomplished skater. This was not the case. Although, I never got nervous before I performed. Never freaked out – except for one occasion at a Regional competition when I was late showing up and almost eliminated from competition. But I think having that small rink at home, decorated with hoarfrost trees by day, and Christmas lights at night made me a better competitor.

It’s something I took for granted back then. None of my other friends were so lucky as to have a dad that would spend hours grooming snow and then spraying the ground with a garden hose until it was frozen. One time he even got a nosebleed from the cold. But once the bleeding stopped, he went back out into the bitter cold and continued working on the rink.

One year the rink my dad made us a rink with an attached “speed skating oval,” which I think he had more fun on than us. I tended to stay on the safe rectangle of ice, as my dad raced around the oval – which he made around our hydro pole in our yard and covered most of the guest parking pad – much to the chagrin of our bus driver!


Nothing beat having my own little piece of ice to blow off some steam. I remember flinging myself into double Axels with anger after I wrote, and failed, my grade 12 mid-term math exam. Bad – because I had never had a lesson on them. Good – because I almost landed it. Bad – because I had never been taught HOW to land a double Axel! But, it was the fact that I could go somewhere and do something constructive with my time when I was ticked off. So, with Meatloaf blasting in the background, I flew around my little piece of paradise.

There is a rink close to where I live, but it’s always reserved for hockey tournaments. I wasn’t able to join a figure skating club this year, either, so my skates haven’t seen much ice time.

But one day, when my husband and I have our own place, we will make sure to build our own backyard rink.

With Christmas lights and Meatloaf.


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